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Mesh Integration

- Semi-permanent solution for those who can’t achieve length and thickness with conventional extensions

- A breathable yet durable mesh secured gently using unique and lightweight fixings 

- Hypoallergenic, soft mesh allows your scalp to breathe and natural hair to grow underneath 

- Blended into any existing hair creating a natural look 

- Tailor-made to suit each individual no matter what your circumstances are 

- Safe, non-invasive and non-surgical

- Continue your daily routine, including going to the gym or swimming

- Can be washed, styled and treated - minimal heat and extra nourishment will help the lifespan of the hair 

- Monthly maintenance appointments will keep the system secure and looking its best


- Tailor-made to suit each individual no matter what your circumstances are 
- Can be removed in the comfort of your own home
- High-quality hair from trusted suppliers 
- Lace frontal wig creating the appearance of a natural hairline 
- Medical wigs with additional grip on inner lining of the cap
- Different options available to secure the wig 
- Less expensive than medical therapies 
- Can be removed to wash and style




- Hand-tied & Micro wefts offer a much lighter-weight option than traditional extensions 

- Created to give an invisible finish making them lie flat against your scalp providing a natural look 


- Single sections of hair fitted using small and discrete rings creating a flatter bond 

- Lies utterly flat with the natural flow of hair 


- Instant thickness and instant results exactly where you need them 

- No heat or glue is used 

- Reusable 

- Flatter and more delicate bonds meaning they are less detectable than traditional extensions

- High-quality hair from trusted suppliers 

- Can be washed, styled and treated 

- Regular maintenance appointments will keep the hair secure and looking its best


Enhance your hair through toppers that are easy to use and natural in appearance, a great option for women to disguise partial hair loss or thinning areas on the scalp. This is an option for all hairstyles especially if you are looking to add extra volume or searching for some extra length. Our hair toppers are made from lace or silk base. When we choose the right hair topper for you, your size, hair length, hair type and colour will determine to suit your needs. It will be easily removed and refitted by you meaning you can still easily wash your own hair.

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Male Replacement

Our non-surgical hair replacement systems are high-quality hairpieces made with 100% human hair. The hair systems guarantee to replace any area on your head where the balding or thinning area is and cover any receding hairline, giving you a brand new head of hair and a younger and fresher look. Some say it takes Ten years off!

Luxury Services

- Colour, cutting and styling: This is a luxury service only for clients who have had any of the primary services at Mane Tailor.
- Direct services include colour match, tone and blend with hairpieces and extensions 
- Wig fitting, cutting and styling are also available

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