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Wearing the integrated mesh system has been absolutely life changing for me. People say this, and sometimes I think they are exaggerating, but once I has my new system I can whole-heartedly say I am so much more confident and happy! That’s down to Rachel’s skills, knowledge, talent and kindness!
I have been wearing the system for nearly 3 years now and felt completely at a loss before finding Rachael and the amazing services that mane tailor offers. I believed that my only option was to wear a wig however, the mesh system is perfect for wearing with your natural hair without damaging it. 
Rachael is brilliant at what she does. She makes you feel at ease from the minute you walk through the door. The whole 
Process is really relaxed and it is a lovely private salon, with 1:1 consultation meaning you don’t need to feel any worry or embarrassment throughout the fitting process. Once it’s fitted- you would never know! It really does look so natural! 
Rachael is more like a friend, and is always developing her own skills, she has advised me on the perfect length/colours and I now am at a point where I like to just go with her suggestions as she really knows her stuff.
The payment plans are a manageable way to keep up with the maintenance including tightening, cuts, blow dries etc! I had longed to go to a salon for a proper blow dry for years!Rachel also replaces the hair every six months which is amazing! Which makes me always excited for the next colour change and new look!
Nothing is too much trouble for Rachael she will go out of her way to make you look fab and arrange appointments etc at convenient times. 
If you are worried about making the step, come and make the appointment- the rest will be history. 
I will be forever grateful for finding her salon and it giving me my confidence and long, thick hair back once more!



“Jan here to chat a bit about my hair system. I’ve worn the system for eleven years now as I have female pattern baldness. The pics I’ve selected are to give you an idea of the versatility it gives me, from hair colour to length. I can be me in a hundred ways, just like I was when I had a full head of hair!

I love to experiment with styling my hair, using Velcro and heated rollers and also clip-on hair pieces: yes, I have a  drawer absolutely full of ‘wiglets’ as my family call them. I’m hoping to convey just how much scope I’ve been given with Rachael at the helm, giving great advice and importantly, styling my hair. Rachael is a fantastic stylist as well as an amazing system creator and is as keen as I am to help me experiment!

Now about the care and maintenance of the system:

I treat it as very dry hair, so I use that category of products, including a hair oil and heat protector spray. The hair in the system responds so well to being looked after and it’s my way of showing it respect. Rachael is full of great advice about suitable products.

Essential kit for the system is:

A shower cap, detangle brush, wide tooth comb, a spray water bottle and a silk sleep bonnet. I think there’s a video of me extolling the virtues of that last item on this page.

The spray bottle is great for in-between washes as it aids restyling. Before I wash my hair I comb it through and then wash and apply conditioner from the top of my scalp to the ends, I never pile it up as I did with my own hair as it can tangle. Likewise, when I towel it dry, I do so by placing the towel on top of my head and then blot the hair, still in the ‘down’ position, finishing by twisting the towel at the nape of my neck. The less friction, the better with the system.

I’m happy to go six weeks in between adjustments and although the system obviously feels looser as the weeks go by, I’ve never found it a problem, but that is a personal choice. I can’t think of any negatives as the system feels and acts like it’s my own hair and unlike a wig, it stays put! I have never felt over heated either, unlike when I wore a wig.  I had experimented with a full wig when my hair loss first became apparent but I wasn’t happy at having to take it off at night and be confronted in the mirror with my hair loss.

I hope I’ve given a flavour of what it’s like to be lucky enough to have a system personally created by Rachael of Mane Tailor, and if anyone has any questions, I’d love to be put in touch with you to help answer them.

Cheerio for now and Viva la System!”

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From being a child I always dreamt of long flowing hair. I have fine hair and was always limited to what styles I could have. As I matured my hair became thinner and ‘wispy’. No matter how much time and effort I made with my hair, after an hour or two it would look dreadful and this began to affect my confidence.
I was discussing this with a friend and she mentioned/recommended Rachael. She went on to mention that not only does Rachael does’ hair extensions’ but she works with cancer patients/people who have lost their hair for various other reasons.
Fast forward four or so months and I am writing this with my longed for ‘long flowing locks’ which look so natural. I have received so many compliments, all of them saying they look so natural. So much so a few colleagues actually thought my OWN hair had grown during lockdown. I cannot fault Rachael, this work is obviously her passion. She works closely with you so you get your desired result. A lovely reliable girl ❤️ who will put you at ease, the salon is immaculate and comfortable. Can’t recommend enough!!!
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